Peanut Butter Pie no Bake

Peanut butter pie is a fluffy and delicious dessert. It makes an excellent treat on a hot summer day. However, no one wants to spend time in the kitchen cooking and having to turn on a hot stove. Well, this recipe takes care of that problem. No baking is required! The pie is so tasty

Malaysian Beef Curry

MALAYSIAN BEEF CURRY This is a very versatile meat dish which can easily be adapted to suit all different tastes by adding more or less of the chilli’s to create different strength curries. There is sugar listed but you can omit this for a tangier flavour or add just half the amount for a more rounded

How to Spice up a Cake Mix

Making a Terrific Cake With A Mix Making a terrific cake does not have to be a time-consuming chore. It can be fast, fun and creative, if you use your imagination. A great place to start is with your favorite cake mix. By substituting a few of the required ingredients and adding a few others,

How to Make the best Bloody Mary

To some, combining Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, beef bouillon and tomato juice along with several other savory ingredients such as cayenne pepper and celery salt, that the result would be a delightfully spicy soup or a bold sauce, robust with flavor. When a splash of vodka and a celery stick are added, the expectations have changed

How to Make better Brownies

Do you love chewy brownies with a twist? Are you a brownie lover? Brownies that are full of great add-in ingredients are always a welcome treat. Using a boxed mix you will just tweak the recipe: Substitute margarine or butter for oil, that the recipe asks for. This subtle substitution makes a dramatic difference on

How to Make Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Maker

Many mothers cringe  when they hear children say “We’re bored”.  An excellent choice to cure the boredom is ice cream.  If the children get to make the ice cream it keeps the more active and involved and the boredom seems to fly away for awhile. There are two basic ways for children to make ice

Product Reviews Chocolate Chex Cereals

The original Chex Cereal, manufactured by cereal giant General Mills, has long been an American favorite. Bought in 1997 from the Ralston Purina Company, Chex still continues to be just as popular as it was in the 1950’s. Over the years Chex has gone from the original Rice and Corn flavors to Multi-Bran, Honey Nut

Outdoor Canning with using a Turkey Fryer

Canning outdoors with a Turkey Fryer An interesting concept and experiment that most canners have to try is canning your garden fresh produce with the use of an outdoor turkey fryer. Yes, that’s right the kind where you normally fill it with oil and place the turkey in it to cook. Only with this use

Restaurant Reviews Taverna Evora Portugal

As you walk down the cobbled street known as Travessa de Sta Marta in the historic city of Evora you will come across  a doorway with an antique gas lamp swinging above a sign that says. ‘Taverna.’ From the outside it looks like any other house in the Alentejo with its white-washed walls and yellow

Restaurant Reviews Travinia Italian Kitchen Lexington Sc

Travinia Italian Kitchen5074 Sunset BoulevardLexington, SC 29072(803) 957-2422 It’s Okay, But….. Open a new Italian place and I’m there. So when I saw that Travinia Italian Kitchen was opening a new location only thirty miles away, I made plans to attend. I probably won’t do it again. I normally eschew chain Italian joints, unless there’s