Bleeding Hemorrhoids Home Treatment

Hey, Lacy again. I was suffering from itchy, painful bleeding hemorrhoids myself. A brief description of my first symptoms of hemorrhoids before I started looking for a home treatment remedy is as follows. Maybe you’ll identify with it?

In your mind you’ve thought that something must be wrong and you’re beginning to suspect you’re experiencing hemorrhoids symptoms and in need of a home treatment. In recent months you’ve been feeling more and more uncomfortable in your trips to the bathroom. Then one day you discover blood and even more discomfort. You understand that any bleeding from the rectal area is cause for concern as it just may be bleeding hemorrhoids and you now realize you most likely need a hemorrhoids treatment.

There are signs that your concerns are hemorrhoid symptom related. If the bleeding is bright red and stops soon after you’ve cleaned yourself, chances are high it’s a bleeding hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are in or just on the outside of to the rectum and anal canal.

On a positive health note, when the blood is fresh it’s bright red. Older black or brown blood would mean you could have more serious problems. If that’s the case, checking with a health professional might be best.

There are ways you can cure bleeding hemorrhoids with a treatment. If your hemorrhoid symptoms are new or not that serious, there are natural hemorrhoid home remedies you can start with that don’t require a prescription. Depending on where your protruding hemorrhoids, internal or external, are will make a difference in what hemorrhoids treatment or hemorrhoid medication you choose to use.

With external hemorrhoids your choices would include Preparation H, other hemorrhoid ointments and creams and witch hazel pads. These will all help soothe the anal canal area. If your problem is internal hemorrhoids, a Preparation H tube can be inserted or you could choose to go with hemorrhoid suppositories.

Lifestyle Changes Needed For Treatment?

There are also a few minor lifestyle changes that as a hemorrhoids treatment can reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids.

…Adequate water intake (a minimum of six glasses a day)
…Adequate fiber in the diet

If you’re feeling more severe pain, you might consider taking a stool softener. This will start softening your stools, but it’s another temporary piles – hemorrhoids remedy. Stool softeners should not be taken on a regular basis to avoid dependence on them.

Once you’re able to have normal bowel movements without your hemorrhoid bleeding, it’s best to stay on your hemorrhoids at home treatment remedy for several more days. You want to give your body plenty of time to heal from the bleeding hemorrhoid before making any changes. If you did consult a health professional, you’ll want to continue following any instructions you were given for your hemorrhoids home treatment.