5 Effective Ingrown Hair Removal Solutions

If you have some hair growth that you feel is a source of discomfort then chances are that you are looking for effective ingrown hair removal solutions. As you will come to learn, there are quite many solutions to ingrown hair and the choice ultimately depends with you. So which are some of the common and effective techniques that one can use? Well, the following are some of the solutions that can give you respite from the nuisance and discomfort of ingrown hair.

The first effective solutions are depilatory products. These are the most common and among the cheapest hair removal solutions available in the market. You can access them in  the form of creams, gels, and lotions, or sprays from drug stores. These products have been formulated to dissolve the hair once they are applied to the targeted area. However, before using any of the products, you are advised to do a patch test to determine the sensitivity of your skin and the possibility of developing irritation, allergic reactions, or burns.

The second simple procedure that you can use is tweezing. This is another cheap method that basically incorporates the use of one device-a pair of tweezers. The procedure starts with sterilization of the pair of tweezers and removal of hair growth by plucking. It is quite painful and slow, and therefore it is suitable for removing ingrown hair from a small area. The results may last for about a month.

Another effective procedure is waxing. This is a remedy that one can perform oneself or it can be performed by another person. Waxing incorporates both hot and cold waxes. During removal of ingrown wax is applied on the targeted area and left for sometime and after it dries up, one pulls it off using a strip cloth. This procedure may be quite painful but it  is tolerable. The downside of this technique is that it may cause red spots where the root hairs have been removed. Anyway, this is a temporal procedure and the hair may start growing after a few weeks. The new hair may be much lighter and finer in texture.

Closely related to tweezing is shaving. This a simple routine that can be performed with much ease and speed. Nevertheless, it is the least effective technique and the outcome may last only a few days. You can use a shaving razor with at least one blade for the ingrown hair. When shaving, you should ensure that you shave properly and in the right direction in all targeted areas of your skin.

The last effective technique is laser hair treatment. This is the best solution for individuals who have chronic hair growth problems. During the removal, a laser beam is directed at specific hair follicles in the targeted area of the skin. The beams then destroy the hair follicles other wise known as root hairs and permanently stops further hair growth. although it is costly, it gives better result and greater satisfaction than other techniques.

Is a modernized energy grid really worth it

With all the plans for large infrastructure spending projects as economic stimulus, why is there money for the energy grid? Some might feel that the money is best spent on roads and bridges as they see the deterioration of these elements as more directly aligned with commerce. What they’re missing is the inefficiency of our current distribution network and the significant economic gains from higher quality power generation and distribution.

According to calculations by the Department of Energy, the demand for power in the United States grows at more than one percent per year, and that’s not likely to change even in a down economy. Much of this flows on a network that was built more than 40 years ago. The American Society of Civil Engineers ranks the U.S. electric grid as a bright spot compared to other infrastructure, but there’s still a need for $1.5 trillion in investment over the next twenty years just in order to keep up with demand. Conversion to a national grid and local smart grid technology could shave considerable cost off that total by driving back growth of demand.

Savings Are Considerable

On the antiquated electric grid, ten percent of all the electricity we generate gets lost when it passes through old lines and inefficient transformers. The estimated financial hit of this loss amounts to $25 billion to $180 billion each year. By building more efficient network distribution, we cut loss, encourage conservation, eliminate previously hidden waste, and make power generation more efficient.

Energy conservation is the cheapest means to efficiency, but the grid is step one in this equation. The grid is the where the greatest energy efficiency gains can be found with the least amount of investment. And since our grid is near capacity now, we can’t expect to meet the added demands of renewable energy and electric cars without first upgrading our transmission system.

Weaving Though Regulations

In the United States a great many of the electric utilities are publicly traded companies that have invested money in power lines, but relatively little on the transmission grid. This public/private combination makes some bristle with some that feel the companies should pay for their own infrastructure. There’s also a great deal of legal and regulatory obstacles for siting and construction that have made it very difficult to build new power generation and transmission capacity.

In order to adequately and swiftly address the needs of new power transmission, and a national grid, the federal government can have great sway of cutting through local red tape. After all, a more efficient grid would bring a giant leap toward energy independence, which is tied closely to national security. What’s needed is a compromise and better regulations to streamline the creation of a national system with buy-in from states and municipalities. If we’re going to rebuild a more efficient grid, we first need to make sure that the construction and maintenance of these new structures is itself efficient.

High Cost of Failure

The cost of power failures can have a catastrophic economic effect on a city or region. A one-hour outage in Chicago in 2000 caused $20 trillion in trades delayed. A blackout in Silicon Valley totaled $75 million in losses. The Northeast blackout of 2003 cost $6 billion to the region.

Behind all of these outages is an overtaxed grid that is not adequately balanced or flexible. For instance, it can take days to get power back online after an outage due to a need to balance the system. The smart grid introduces a much more balanced grid where current flows in both directions and problem areas can be easily isolated. This smarter grid responds to demand quickly, and can handle issues of outages much more locally, without thousands of customers affected by very local events.

The move toward higher quality power and smarter transmission received a great boost when the stimulus bill allocated $11 billion for smart grid technology, including $4.5 billion for smart-technology matching grants. This is likely just a start for the amount that needs to be invested, but the payoffs can quickly offset the investment in so many ways.

Blown Glass Art

Abstract is something that cannot be defined or whose definition depends on the perception of the viewer. Abstract paintings and sculptures have been an integral part of our art and culture. In the modern century, people are using the latest technology to create new abstracts. One such phenomenon is the abstract blown glass art.

In this kind of an art, the glass blower crafts the glass into an unrecognizable structure or shape. Originally, glass blowing has been used to create scientific equipments like tubes, beakers and other lab items. These days’ abstract glass blown items have become a rage for art collectors. These can either be made with white glass or colored glass. Glass is being used to make wall art, vases, stemware, sculptures, glass ornaments, boxes and many more decorative pieces of art. This kind of unique glass work can also be used for gifting your friends and family on special occasions. They look delicate, classy and sophisticated.

Now days, art is not defined by regular and stereotypic shapes and sizes. In today’s world anything that can inspire you and bring out the emotions in you, is labeled as art. You may not be able to understand the structure or even the artist’s inspiration, yet if you feel nice about it, then it is a piece of abstract art work that has gained a lot of prominence in the recent years.

More and more companies are now using abstract blown glass artwork as rewards for their employees. This looks better than those stereotypic metal cups and shields that were given in the olden days.

Besides the blown glass art abstracts, you can find a number of other abstract glass works that can help in enhancing the do©cor of your home and office. Besides making your surroundings look elegant, these abstract glass art pieces will show case your own creativity as well.

Elliptical trainers are favorite cardio gym equipment among some experts

So, now you are stuffed to the gills with Thanksgiving dinner. Today, what are you going to do? Are you going to head to the gym, and ponder which piece of equipment will best help those jeans fit you better? Ten experts, including personal trainers, recently evaluated gym equipment to determine which is going to be the best for exercisers. We all know that cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart (with a physician-approved exercise program), but which of your choices at the gym will do you the best good?

Elliptical trainers were the winners: Good cardio, and low impact. The treadmill and rowing machine tied for second. But all of the experts agreed that the most effective equipment for anyone is the piece you will actually use.

I have an elliptical trainer, which is great for bitterly cold days. However, I did not start seeing changes in my body shape until I started running outside. So, I think if you are trying to ensure a healthy heart, most kinds of cardio will work. But if you are trying to reduce obesity, you may have to try a different approach.

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

Despite all its clichés and oversimplifications, pop music is solid gold to inarticulate romantics everywhere.It’s like the thrift store of dating advice: most of what you find doesn’t fit and smells like moth balls, but sometimes you stumble across that one perfect thing that you’re sure was made just for you, and you keep coming back to shop because you know it’s out there.

Let’s go to the request line…

Hey Davy!

I recently started dating a great guy, and I’m really falling for him. We have fun together, and I feel a strong physical and intellectual connection to him.The problem is that I can’t tell whether he feels the same about me.He is full of mixed signals; one minute we’re close, and the next seems like he’s totally ignoring me.

I’m naturally shy and I don’t know how to confront him about it.I am hoping that my relationship with this guy can amount to more than just being friends, but I can’t tell from his reactions whether I should keep trying or just give up.What do I do?

– Samantha (Canada)
I think Madonna nails it on the head when she says: “Don’t go for second best baby, put your love to the test…make him express how he feels, and maybe then you’ll know your love is real.”You can’t read a book when it’s closed.Rather than trying to interpret his intentions, get him to open up and tell you what he wants.The best way to do so is to simply ask.

The kind of connection you’re describing runs both ways (as opposed to a crush, which is unilateral). In other words, it takes two to make a thing go right.There’s a good chance that he has similar feelings for you, but is also unsure of how to act on them.Perhaps he’s once bitten, twice shy from past romantic injuries, and he’s staying on the sidelines until he’s ready to get back in the game. Ultimately, you deserve to be with someone who is wild about you and has no reservations about showing it – someone who will give you love, love, love, love, crazy love.If he’s not that guy, then listen to your heart and shoop on to the next man in the three-piece suit.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy – What You Must Know

What you must know about BV remedy, when we speak of bacterial vaginosis, this is the name used to refer to the excessive growth of the bacteria in the vagina of a woman. Usually, the symptoms of this condition may differ from case to case. This usually depends from the severity of the problem.

However, there is a common manifestation present which is the presence of discharge. Regardless of the symptoms present, it is important that you learn some of the treatment available and there are lots of selections available for you. There are some remedies wherein they advocated by the doctors in the field of health.

The vagina is home to several naturally-occurring good bacteria in the body such as Lactobacilli. The normal acidity (ph) of the vagina has to be maintained in order for these bacteria to fight other bacteria entering the said cavity. But through the use of several products, dietary changes, and lifestyle habits, the natural environment of these bacteria become altered thus, producing conditions like bv.

Most women infected with Bacterial Vaginosis have no symptoms, and when symptoms do present themselves they can be rather embarrassing for the woman. BV is caused from an excessive growth of normal bacteria in the vagina and is not usually attributed to one specific form of bacteria.

Most of the diseases and illnesses that every single individual may experience today are caused by microorganisms specifically the pathogens. Pathogens are also known as the disease causing organisms that may enter or attack a person’s immune system and cause several inflammatory reactions resulting to pain and diseases. It is true that most of the illnesses are due to accumulation of invisible causing bacteria, fungi, viruses and more.

Consequences of Stress

Consequences of stress can harm the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In fact, the consequences of stress are the most frequent reason for ailment, comprising at the very least Seventy-five to be able to 90% of doctors’ appointments.

Whether it is eustress, caused by beneficial activities in your own life, or improbable long-term thoughts associated with hardship, the stress management tips below can help you conquer the consequences of stress in your wellness.

Yet to beat stress, stress operations calls for producing modifications.Whether you alter your thinking, the method that you really feel as well as yourself, your circumstances or even your tendencies in order to situations, to be able to decrease the unfavorable consequences of stress, you need to make adjustments.

Eustress compared to Hardship as well as consequences of stress.

A number of types of stress, such as eustress, tend to be wholesome. For example, workout is a brilliant eustress, delivering good consequences of stress.

Time Management from the Sunnah

Prophet Muhammad had a deep appreciation of the value of time and as a result was able to make the best use of every piece of available time. He once grabbed Ibn Umar (ra) by the shoulder and said; “ Be in this world as if you were a traveler.” Ibn Umar (ra) would later explain this to his students by adding; “if you survive until evening, do not expect to live until the morning. Hence one of the many meanings of this hadith is the importance of time. If I was there listening to this narration as a student of Ibn Umar (ra), I would know that I need to seize the moment! Prophet Muhammad had the guidance of a mission that drove him to making time a priority. What is your mission in life? If you don’t wake up every day with a mission/sense of purpose, then you have no motivation. Something has to motivate you to wake up for Tahajjud and begin to seize the moment/day. Time is life itself, guard your time and don’t waste a single second of it. Time is the only thing in life that one cannot get back. If one wastes or looses money or material possessions, these can usually be obtained again. If one second of time is lost, it cannot be regained.  Allah (azza wa jal) says; “ By time, verily man is in loss,” “Has there not been over man a long period of time when he was nothing…” Other verses also highlight the importance of time. “By the sun and it splendor, by the moon as it follows.” “Or by the night as it envelops.” Allah (azza wa jal) swears by the sun, moon, night, day etc! Wallahi this is how time passes!

I remember hearing one Sheikh say; “Muslims should be so tired at the end of the day, that as soon as their head hit the pillow they should be fast asleep.” I try to do just this every day. If you have achieved maximum benefit from your time during the day, you will be tired. I ran across these statistics but am not too sure of their authenticity. However after doing some math myself, they seem reasonable. Lets say the average human lives to be 65 years old. This is the median mortality rate. We spend;

Sleeping 27 years

Work 10.5 years

T.V. 10 yrs

Eating 4 years

Driving 3 years

TOTAL: Are you ready for this?  54.5 years!!!! I only have 10.5 years left to do anything with my life. I didn’t throw in play station and x-box. I have seen grown Muslim men sit on these things for hours at a time! I was listening to a talk some time ago and here was some advice on getting back some of this time.

Wake up for Tahajjud and Fajr = 8.3 yrs

Fast on Monday, Thursdays, 3 additional days per month, Ramadan= 4yrs

Less TV = 5 yrs

Get a job that you truly love doing = 10.5 yrs

TOTAL: 27.8 years!

Here are some of my favorite hadith on making the best use of time and seizing the moment;

The Prophet (sallallahu `alayhe wa sallam) always demanded that work should start early in the morning. On the authority of Sukhr Al-Ghamidi: “The Prophet said, ‘O Allah, bless my nation’s early rising.’ If he dispatched an army or a division, he did that early in the morning.” [Abu Dawud, Ibn Hibban] Sukhr was a merchant who used to do his business early in the morning, and he made good profit and became rich.

Aisha reported a Hadith with a similar meaning; the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) said, ” Rise early to earn your living and do your affairs, for it brings about blessing and success.” [at-Tabarani]

Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter, said that when he saw her still lying in bed one morning, he told her, “My daughter, get up and witness your Lord’s bounty, and do not be among the indifferent; Allah distributes daily bread between the break of dawn and sunrise.” [al-Baihaqi]

In part III insha Allah, I will give some practical how to tips for managing time and being more effective.